Important Announcement - I Need Your Help


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  • 2023
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A friend of mine faces being evicted from the home in which ... Read More

About “Important Announcement - I Need Your Help”

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If you can help me by donating $100 worth of Bitcoin (NOT CASH!) to my Wallet, I will be most grateful and I will pay you back as well.

I need to get enough Bitcoin so that I can start mining and generating enough Bitcoin in order to pay for my friend's legal fees should he decide to fight his eviction in Court and also to help buy him a house locally to me.

As he is somebody who has had both a multitude of physical and mental health issues during his life, he needs to stay near those people who have supported him and grown close to him.  If he is moved miles away to a new home, it will impact negatively upon him and he will suffer as a result and I will fight in order to not let that happen to him - but I will need your help.

If you have Bitcoin please go to one of the following Mines or Generators:

Enter your Bitcoin Wallet address and the amount of Bitcoin you'd like to mine (2 Bitcoins should be sufficient).  Then, after you have paid the Miner's fee, please send $100 of Bitcoin (or 0.004 BTC) to my Wallet.

MY WALLET'S ADDRESS IS: 341gCwJ16oSKZKdvu3d6K3rLjtbt4RGuta


The sooner I have $100 of Bitcoin, the better, as I can mine Bitcoin and turn it into cash which can help my friend quicker than a Go Fund Me or similar can.

Many Thanks - PLEASE help if you can!

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