Liberation Parenting

ThumbbyAma Manson

  • 10m 11s
  • 2023
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This video on liberation parenting aims to explore the conc ... Read More

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About “Liberation Parenting”

The video explores the key principles of liberation parenting, such as promoting self-love and self-care, valuing diversity and inclusivity, and prioritising community care. It will highlight the importance of cultivating an environment of safety and trust, where children can express their emotions and experiences without fear of judgement or shame.

Additionally, the video offers useful advice and techniques for applying liberation parenting in real-world situations, including how to be open and honest with kids, show them how to set boundaries and take care of themselves, and prioritise play and creativity.

The video uses engaging visuals and examples to illustrate the key concepts and principles of liberation parenting. By the end of the video, viewers will have a deeper understanding of the liberatory framework of parenting and practical strategies for raising empowered and resilient children in a world that can be challenging and oppressive.

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