Leadsleap Presentation And Membership

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Do you know you can make money on Leadsleap is by using it ... Read More

About “Leadsleap Presentation And Membership”

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One of the way you can make money on Leadsleap is by using it to promote another opportunity or site to gain referrals.  There are over 100,000 members who use Leadsleap each day, and each of them are interested in working online.  

To add your advert to Leadsleap, click on the Advertsing section in the main menu.  Choose an ad type (free or pro), and you will be presented with a simple form to complete for your advert.  

When you add your own advert to Leadsleap you are showing over 100,000 members an advert which can help them to make money online - some will be interested and some will not.  It may take time to get results from your advert, but I ALWAYS get new referrals from advertising here.  Note that  I recommend always advertising a Lead Capture Page to help you gain subscribers, instead of promoting a direct referral link.  More about that tomorrow!   

Note that if you are a free member of Leadsleap then you will need to click on members ads to earn advertising credits.  Those ad clicks will earn you cash from the daily bonus at the same time.  

If you are an upgraded member of Leadsleap your ads will run on auto pilot without the need to click for ad credits.  

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